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China Gateway develops, monitors, and improves production processes, and products in Asian factories.

We are specialists in the area of electronics, household appliances, photovoltaic, luminaries and garden tool. It is the objective of our company, to offer the smoothest possible flow of your production. Through our direct involvement in the supply chain management, and the assurance, of the best possible product quality. Our clients trust us, in the knowledge that the Asian production facilities will comply with their strict requirements, as if they were there themselves.

China Gateway ist unser QC-Partner seit der ersten Stunde unseres Unternehmens. Nicht nur, dass wir diesen Partnern die niedrigst-vorstellbare Reklamationsquote verdanken, die Zusammenarbeit mit China Gateway ist ein fixer Bestandteil unserer erfolgreichen Marketingaktivitšten. QUALITY REALISED BY China Gateway SELLS!!!

M. Freiwirth, Director,